Friday, October 29, 2010



  1. My dear Brother, If you look at the photo in your post titled "Bait Ul Muqaddas (Dome Of The Rock)" posted on 3, Nov 2010, you can see the Quranic calligraphy on the exterior walls the mosque. Please be informed that the whole area of Dome of the rock and what is called Al-Aqsa mosque is in fact part of the Bait Al Maqdas. Please read through the following work for factual details of Islam's third holiest site:
    I would humbly request that you remove your comment from beneath the photo as it misleads people to believe that Dome of the Rock is not part of the mosque when the truth is that Dome of the Rock is the very place where the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam ascended to the Heavens (Mi'raj). If you have some time kindly view this video and inshaAllah you will get a better understanding regarding Bait al Maqdas boundaries, history and its significance.


  2. @Anonymous...

    I did not think people would take it in the other way, but many thanks for correcting me.